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Macaroons kacang lici. In this video you will learn how to make coconut macaroons without oven. usually when we make coconut macaroons kids enjoy it so much so make this easy yet. These easy macaroons are one of my most popular cookie recipes. During the holidays I even find myself making these coconut macaroons multiple times, one batch simply is not enough!

Macaroons kacang lici Coconut Macaroons have a wonderfully sweet coconut flavor with a crisp exterior and a soft and Coconut Macaroons store very well. In fact, sometimes I think I like them better after a day or two. Beautiful macaroons are one of the current 'sweet' crazes. Menschen Macht köchin Macaroons kacang lici using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Macaroons kacang lici

  1. Du brauchst 200 gr of icing sugar / gula tepung.
  2. Bereiten 25 gr of kacang lici yg sudah di sangrai & dihaluskan.
  3. Es ist 50 gr of putih telur.
  4. Du brauchst 1 sdm of tepung maizena.
  5. Du brauchst 1 sdt of pasta vanila.
  6. Bereiten 2 sdm of gula kastor / gula pasir biasa.

Make a batch, put them in a pretty box When cool, sandwich the macaroons together with whipped cream. They can be kept for a couple of. Varian macaroons yang tersedia antara lain, vanilla, lemon, caramel dll. There was quite a bit of difference in texture and taste.

Macaroons kacang lici Anleitung

  1. Mixer putih telur sampai berbusa kemudian masukan gula kastor secara bertahap 2x saja sampai adonan soft pack..
  2. Ayak icing sugar, kacang lici yg sudah dihaluskan, tepung maizena, masukan kedalam adonan putih telur secara tertahap, aduk sampai merata, jangan lama² asal tercampur rata saja..
  3. Masukan adonan kedalam piping bag dan bentuk bulat diloyang yg sudah kasih baking paper / kertas roti..
  4. Diamkan adonan yg sudah dicetak pada loyang selama 1 jam, sampai jika disentuh tdk lengket ditangan..
  5. Panaskan oven 150° dan oven selama 15 menit..

The macaroons are crispy on the outside and they have cashews all over them so tasty. Macaroons are crispy light airy sweet treat which just melts in your mouth. They are a combination of egg whites. A company specialist in mortgage interest saving plan. French Macaroons Premium Cookies Chocolate Gift Box Basket Snacks Food Care Package for College Students Mothers Day Kids Graduation Thank You Condolences Get Well Men Women Prime.

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